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Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs are occasional papers that summarize relevant public policy research by UMBC faculty and students. Opinions expressed in a Policy Brief are those of the author and not the School of Public Policy or UMBC. For more information, contact the editor, Anne Roland (

  1. Family Separation and the Educational Success of Immigrant Children, T. H. Gindling and Sara Poggio
  2. Determinants of Behavior Among Women Choosing to Engage in Street Level Prostitution, Lyn Murphy
  3. Addressing Maryland’s Structural Deficit through Better Performance Budgeting and Priority-Setting, Roy T. Meyers
  4. The Concerned Citizen’s Guide to Slot Machine Gambling and Horse Racing in Maryland, Robert E. Carpenter
  5. Evaluating the Impact of Managed Care on Service Use and Disparities in Care Among children and Adolescents Receiving Medicaid, Todd Eberly
  6. Six Recommendations for Reframing Monopolization Law, Tim Brennan
  7. Focus on Foster Care Services: Evaluation of Cecil County’s Team Approach, David Ayer