Public Management

Public management is concerned with the skills and strategies that managers require to translate government policy into positive action. The public manager must understand not only organizational systems, but also how the political environment may shape or constrain approaches to management and implementation. The public management track introduces students to a toolbox of management skills drawn from professionals in the public, nonprofit and private sectors. Students take courses in public management as well as budgeting, organizations and leadership, and program evaluation.

Faculty Advisers:

Lauren Edwards

Susan Sterett

Mir Usman Ali


PUBL 625 Theories of Public AdministrationPUBL 613 Managing Public Organizations
PUBL 623 Governmental Budgeting
ECON 605 Benefit-Cost Evaluation or ECON 691 Urban Economics
ECON 615 Property Rights, Organizations and Management
ECON 651 Economics of Human Resources Policy
ECON 661 Microeconomics of Public Finance
GES 686 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
PSYC 635 Community Psychology
PUBL 610 Special Topics (especially Law and Public Policy; and Workforce Development)
PUBL 645 The U.S. City
PUBL 646 The Global City
SOCY 681 Social and Institutional Roles of Nonprofits