Evaluation and Analytical Methods

How do policymakers know if the programs they design and implement are having the effects intended? This is the focus of the evaluation and analytical methods specialization. Evaluation research can involve everything from large-scale assessments of how federal initiatives affect the quality of life for certain populations, to smaller-scale analyses of local programs. Students receive training in a variety of analytical methods, including statistics, data analysis, and benefit-cost evaluation, and apply these skills to public policy and management issues.

Faculty advisers:

Jane Lincove

Zoë McLaren

Yusuke Kuwayama


PUBL 607 Statistical Applications in Evaluation Research
PUBL 608 Applied Multivariate Regression Analysis
PUBL 611 Causal Inference in Program Evaluation
ECON 605 Benefit-Cost Evaluation
ECON 611 Advanced Econometric Analysis I
ECON 612 Advanced Econometric Analysis II
PREV 600* Principles of Epidemiology
PSYC 695 Program Evaluation
PSYC 711 Data Analytic Procedures II
PSYC 715 Measurement of Behavior
PUBL 637 Evaluation of Educational Interventions
(*PREV courses are offered through the Department of Epidemiology, University of Maryland School of Medicine
and are subject to availability.)