Environmental Policy

This track is for students who wish to understand the complex problems of the physical environment, and the nexus between the environment and public policy. How do existing public policies affect the environment in positive and/or negative ways? How might policies be developed and implemented in order to help undo environmental damage and/or to prevent further damage?

Faculty advisers:

Yusuke Kuwayama


PUBL 610: Cost-Benefit Analysis for Health, Education, and Environmental Policy
ECON 691 Environmental Economics
GES 624 Environmental Justice
GES 629 Seminar in Geography of Disease and Health
GES 628 Scientific Practice and Environmental Policy
GES 636 Global Environmental Change
GES 686 Introduction to GIS
PUBL 610 The Politics of Environmental Policy
PUBL 648 Cities and Environmental Issues
ECON 637 Natural Resources Economics
GES XXX Urban Ecosystems
GES 600 Global Poverty and Inequality
GES 619 Watershed Analysis and Modeling (Prerequisite GES 686) (not in the Grad catalog)
GES 662 GIS and Human-Environmental Systems (Prerequisite is GES 686)
GES 685 Environmental Mapping (Prerequisite is GES 686)
GES 700 Seminar in Environment and Society