Education Policy

Education is an important policy area and a very large budget item for most state and local governments. Federal and state education policies are often on the frontiers of policy development. In the education policy specialization, students focus on various types of education policies made at every level of government, and learn about the multiple disciplinary and methodological perspectives on education policy. Students take courses such as education law, finance, civil rights and policy formulation.

Faculty advisers:

Pamela Bennett

Jane Lincove


PUBL 636 Law, Politics and American Education Policy
PUBL 610 Special Topic: The Social Context of Education
PUBL 610 Special Topic: Race and Education in Urban America (For those focusing on K-12)
PUBL 610 Special Topic: Issues in Higher Education (For those focusing on higher education)
PUBL 610 Special Topic: Education Policy Analysis
PUBL 637 Evaluation of Educational Interventions
ECON 651 Economics of Human Resource Policy
SOCY 615 Higher Education and Social Inequality
SOCY 622 Inequality and Education
HIST 647 The History of Civil Rights since WW II