Urban Policy

Many of the nation’s most serious problems, such as poverty, unemployment, crime, and inadequate education, are centered in our urban areas. The urban policy track combines analytic training with opportunities for applied research and real world experience. Operating in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area, one of the nation’s most strategic urban corridors, the program exposes students to urban issues in neighborhoods, cities, suburbs, and metropolitan areas. Students take courses in public policy, economics, environment, and history, learning to formulate questions about pressing urban issues, and contribute to the solutions.

Faculty advisers:

Pamela Bennett

John Rennie Short

Loren Henderson


PUBL 644 Urban Theory
PUBL 645 The U.S. City or PUBL 646 The Global City
PUBL 610 Special Topics: Urban Sociology and Urban Policy
PUBL 610 Segregation and Housing Policy
PUBL 648 Cities and Environmental Issues
ECON 605 Benefit-Cost Evaluation
ECON 691 Urban Economics
GES 640 Seminar in Urban Geography
GES 651 Seminar in Urban Sustainability
GES 686 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GES 687 Advanced Applications of Geographic Information Systems