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What Local Government Officials should Know and Do about Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity for Local Government: A Primer



Big Data

Final report: NSF Workshop on Collaboration as Big Data Ethics

Kelly Joyce and Susan Sterett Whose Analysis, Whose Expertise: Partnering for Data Analytics for Small Cities
Ana Diez Roux Electronic Health Records: What are the societal impacts of the measure?
Panel 1
Michelle Rogers Impact of Health Care Data on Work Practices
Eta Davis Economic Success Strategic Plan: Measures and Indicators
Panel 2
Naren Ramakrishnan Veracity, Validity and Ethical Challenges
Edgar Chou Impact of EHR Design and Operational Procedures on Health Care Data for Research
Killian Vieth Human Rights and Performing Security Through Big Data
Panel 3
Meg Leta Jones Privacy Without Screens
Michael Planty The Role of Privacy in the Design and Dissemination of National Statistics
Sallie Keller Does Big Data Change the Privacy Landscape?
Kelly Moore Privacy? And Institutional Contexts?
Panel 4
Solon Barocas How Machines Learn to Discriminate
Torin Monahan Confronting Privilege in Resistance: Masked Inequality in Artistic Responses to Ubiquitous Surveillance
Andrew D’huyvetter Bridging Data Silos in Local Government: Examples from Arlington County, Virginia
Panel 5
Karen Levy Professional Relationships, Data and Expertise
Katie Shilton Changing Practices in Big Data Research Ethics
Suzanne Thomas Politics of Expertise: Who Does What Work of Computer Vision