Non-degree Admission

You can apply for non-degree status if you would like to take a course before you decide to officially apply to the program. As a potential M.P.P. student, you make take up to two courses as a non-degree student.

Follow these steps:

  1. Contact the School of Public Policy before you apply to discuss the procedure.
  2. Complete the on-line application for non-degree seeking students found on the Graduate School website. Non-degree applicants must apply by July 15 for fall semester, and December 15 for spring semester. 
  3. Complete the on-line application and pay the $50 application fee, and submit all transcripts to the Graduate School. (The transcripts can be the student copy.) At this time, the Graduate School does not allow discretionary app fee waivers. You are eligible for a fee waiver if you fall into one of these categories: current Peace Corps volunteers, Horizons participants, McNair Scholars, Project 1000 applicants, and employees of UMBC. There are also a few exceptions for returning students.  Visit for more information and to request a waiver if you believe you are eligible.
  4. Send the School of Public Policy your resume and a brief statement  (one page or less) expressing your reasons for wishing to take a course as a non-degree student at this time.
  5. The Public Policy Graduate Program Director determines whether you may take a Public Policy course. You will be notified by the Graduate School through an e-mail of your acceptance, and next steps.
  6. You may register online for the course(s) agreed upon by you and the Graduate Program Director during the period set aside by the Registrar for Special Student Registration (usually in late August and again in late January). Contact us prior to enrollment for any necessary registration clearances needed.

If you have additional questions, contact the School of Public Policy to discuss the program and your options (

Successful completion of non-degree courses does not guarantee admission to the program.