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Timothy J. Brennan

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Professor of Public Policy and Economics

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin in Madison
M.A., Economics, University of Wisconsin
M.A., Mathematics, University of Wisconsin
B.A., Mathematics, University of Maryland

Dr. Brennan hosts an Open Internet Roundtable at the Federal Communications Commission

Research Interests
Antitrust law and policy, regulatory economics, electricity markets, telecommunications and broadcast policy, copyright and intellectual property, philosophy of economics

Recent Publications

“Behavioral economics and energy-efficiency regulation,” Network (2016, issue 59).

“Data From drones: A new way to see the natural world,” with Molly K. Macauley. Resources (Spring 2016, no 192).

“The post-Internet order broadband sector: Lessons from the pre-open Internet order experience,” Review of Industrial Organization (2016, doi:10.1007/s11151-016-9551-y).

Postal and Delivery Innovation in the Digital Economy, editor with Michael A. Crew. 2015, Springer.

“Holding distribution utilities liable for outage costs,” Energy Economics, (2015, vol 48).

The Role of the Postal and Delivery Sector in a Digital Age, editor with Michael A. Crew. (Elgar, 2014).

“Behavioral Economics and Policy Evaluation”, Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis vol. 5, no. 1 (2014).

“Mitigating Monopoly or Preventing Discrimination: Comparing Antitrust to Regulatory Goals in the Interstate Commerce Act.” Review of Industrial Organization, (2013, vol 43).

“Energy efficiency resource standards: Economics and policy,” with Karen Palmer. Utilities Policy, (2013, vol 25).

Experience and Honors

  • Chief Economist, Federal Communications Commission, 2014
  • Public Utility Research Center Distinguished Service Award, University of Florida, 2013
  • International Fellow, C.D. Howe Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • T. D. MacDonald Chair, Competition Bureau, Industry Canada, 2006
  • Senior Staff Economics, White House Council of Economic Advisers, 1996-97
  • Bearman First-Year Seminar Professor, UMBC
  • EPCOR Distinguished Lecturer, University of Alberta
  • McGee Lecturer in Public Policy, Vanderbilt University
  • Gilbert White Fellow, Resources for the Future
  • U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division Award of Merit
  • Valedictorian, University of Maryland