David Salkever

Photo of David Salkever.Professor, Public Policy

Ph.D., Economics, Harvard University
A.B. Economics, Amherst College

Research Interests
Economics of health policy and health care financing, economics of mental health, disability studies, economics and behavior of nonprofit organizations


Recent Select Publications

Salkever DS,Gibbons BJ,and Ran X. Do comprehensive, coordinated, recovery-oriented services alter the pattern of use of treatment services? Mental Health Treatment Study impacts on SSDI beneficiaries’ use of inpatient, emergency, and crisis services. Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research 41(4):434-446. October 2014.

Salkever DS, Gibbons BJ, Frey WD, Milfort R, Bollmer J, HaleTW, Robert E. Drake RE, and Goldman HH. Recruitment in the Mental Health Treatment Study: a Social Security behavioral health/employment intervention for disabled-worker beneficiaries. Social Security Bulletin 74(2):27-46, May 2014.

Salkever, D.S.  “Assessing the IQ-Earnings Link In Environmental Lead Impacts On Children: Have Hazard Effects Been Overstated?” Environmental Research 131:219–230 (May 2014).

Salkever DS, Gibbons B, Drake RE, Frey WD, Hale TW, and Karakus M. “Increasing Earnings of SSDI Beneficiaries with Serious Mental Disorders: The Impacts of SSA’s Randomized ‘Mental Health Treatment Study’ Trial”, Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics 17(2):75-90 (June 2014).

Salkever DS. A Tale of Apples and Oranges (and Footnotes): Comments on Grosse’s Review of the IQ-Earnings Literature. Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE) Newsletter, Fall 2014.

Salkever DS. Interpreting the Evidence on “True IQ” in the NLSY79: Rejoinder to Grosse. Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE) Newsletter, Fall 2015, pp. 25-27.

Salkever DS. Interpreting the NLSY79 Empirical Data on “IQ” and “Achievement”: A Comment on Borghans et al.,“Identification Problems in Personality Psychology. Personality and Individual Differences, 85:66-68, October 2015.

Johnston S, Salkever DS, Ialongo NS, Slade EP, and Stuart EA. (2017) Estimating the economic value of information for screening in disseminating and targeting effective school-based preventive interventions: an illustrative example. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research 44(6):932-942.

Salkever D, Abrams M, Baier K, and Gibbons B. (2018).  Impacting entry into evidence-based supported employment: a population-based empirical analysis of a statewide public mental health program. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 45(2):328-341.

Salkever, D. “On Defining and Valuing the Benefits of Health Policy Interventions: How and Why CEA in Health Morphed into CU(B)A and “Back-Door” BCA“, in Teaching Benefit-Cost Analysis, S. Farrow, ed.  Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK.  forthcoming 2018.

Experience and Honors

  • Member, All Payer Hospital System Modernization Advisory Council
  • Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, The Johns Hopkins University
  • Director, Center for Youth Mental Health Services Research, The Johns Hopkins University
  • Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Director, Interdepartmental Program in Public Health Economics, School of Hygiene and Public Health, The Johns Hopkins University
  • Commissioned Officer, U.S. Public Health Service

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