Professor Loren Henderson’s new book on the intersection of racial inequality and COVID-19


Loren Henderson

Public Policy Associate Professor Loren Henderson has published a new book: Race, Ethnicity, and the COVID-19 Pandemic, a collection of essays that examine the socioeconomic impact of COVID-19 and how it disproportionately affected Black, Latino, and Native American populations in the US.

The essays “provide a mix of critical examination of the progress and direction of our COVID-19 response, personal accounts of the stark difference in care and outcomes for minorities throughout the United States, and offer recommendations to create a foundation for future response and research during the critical early days.”

This book fills a critical gap in understanding of COVID-19 impacts, as the editors explain in their synopsis: “To understand racial disparities in COVID-19 infections and deaths, we must first understand how they are linked to racial inequality.”


Learn more and purchase the book through the University of Cincinnati Press.