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Evaluation and Analytical Methods

Three people reading through UMBC spiral bound packets, performing a group evaluation.

Photos by Marlayna Demond

How do policymakers know if the programs they design and implement are having the effects intended? This is the focus of the evaluation and analytical methods track. Through courses in statistics, data analysis, and benefit-cost evaluation, students acquire a toolbox of skills to use when conducting an evaluation, and learn how to apply these skills to a range of public policy and management issues. The advisors are F. Chris Curran, Jane Lancove, and David Salkever.

The research and teaching backgrounds of the advisors reflect the interdisciplinary focus of this research area. F. Chris Curran studies education policy, and conducts research that evaluates educational outcomes for underserved and disadvantaged youth. David Salkever, a professor in the health policy track, evaluates, among other programs, interventions that improve health care for disadvantaged populations. Evaluators also conduct research in fields such as sociology, psychology, economics, and public administration.

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